above: The Adventures of Gatou
above: NEMO
above: The Yellow Thrill
above: Zyamurai Dream
above: Truth in Close Corners
Sinuous Rei
After an agonizing senior year of college, Rei, an outwardly demure but emotionally volatile programmer, lands a prestigious job at a secretive government agency known only as the Department of Materials. There, Rei is assigned with the task of creating increasingly abstract programs, the ultimate purpose of which remains a secret. Bound by progressively restrictive NDAs, Rei's paranoia about the nature of the programs threatens to consume her. ▪
20 episodes
Vivid Industry
On a foggy morning in the small town of Coldrain, Wishingzone, all residents find themselves affected by amnesia. Above, storm clouds gather, their drones resonating from the mountains. With all roads blocked, and a heavy mist encroaching, those in police uniforms struggle to maintain order, though the primary threat comes not from panic or violence, but from the apathy-inducing influence of the rain cloud's omnipresent hum. Not all questions can be answered in this stylish cult favorite by Vivid Industry. ▪
21 episodes
Sea of Swans
Strangeday Studio
The two NONCOPs, Agent Zayo and Agent Tasho, are two undercover government agents that operate within the corrupted city of the Empire Zone. Agent Tasho, however, is involved in a dangerous affair with an illegal love-worker, while their partner, Agent Zayo, remains addicted to the reality-altering "MEDIA-13" even after an overdose that caused permanent video-interference in their right eye. Each suspects the other of being an informant for one of several underground hacking groups that their organization is set to prevent. Convoluted storyline, but polished art style. ▪
20 episodes
The passengers of the titular rogue ship "NEMO" use an ever-changing array of retro-futuristic inventions to fight their way out of a seemingly endless series of malicious dimensions, including a sewer world, acidic ocean, and the circulatory system of an enormous whale. Although the voice acting falters at times, the backdrop of the immediate post-anthropocenic split allows the series to address pointed criticisms of the Niekorie's Gamble apologist school of thought. ▪
56 episodes
The Adventures of Gatou
Lemnis LTD
In this reinterpretation of the historical classic, Gatou finds himself pursued by death himself. Told in flashback, Gatou is slowly driven insane as those around him perish from an unammed and largely unseen disease. The lavish visual production contrasts a sharply minimalistic audio design and lack of spoken dialogue, with all speech being conveyed through subtitles. Final story arc consists solely of still images. ▪
146 episodes
Sordid Story
Tidy-Channel NX
On the forgotten frontier planet of Ouz, only a scattering of regions support life, and conflicts with bands of brigands and mutants the medley main cast of survivors desperate for a way off the planet's harsh surface. Trying to push the horror stories of the side-effects of tele-movement from their minds, a small band of travelers forge into the wastelands to find the parts needed to repair the blood-soaked transport device. ▪
26 episodes
Zyamurai Dream
Let's! Production
Each morning, a masked monk (who calls themselves the last of a dying breed) meditates before the locked doors of a temple deep within an ever-twilight woods. In dazzling, kaleidoscopic sequences (which incorporate extensive rotocasting techniques), the shells of nearby colors, animals, and places become twisted and evil, forced to cling to whatever makeshift refuge they can find. Can there be hope for reconciliation and redemption, when the woods are burnt down and the true location of the temple is revealed? ▪
84 episodes
Truth in Close Corners
Studio No
In this psycho-dramatic supernatural horror, a mother and father defend their home and seven children from a vengeful ghost that tempts, stalks, and threatens each family member one-by-one. As the parents' sanity diminishes, it's up to the family cat to don magical attire and engage in bloodthirsty combat with the relentless ghost. ▪
9 episodes
The Yellow Thrill
Studio Waro
The four-armed android Mizzy-Rand dreams of being the top Railball player in this fast-paced dystopian tale featuring eye-stealing mob bosses, eco-terrorists, and zahyro-cultists. As the ambitious hero rises the ranks, they quickly become caught up in the web of corruption that surrounds the Railball industry. An eclectic soundtrack sets the stage for the series dynamic (and prolonged) action sequences. ▪
53 episodes
Having defeated the White-Faced God, an ancient entity that had threatened the planet, Vic Ickenjie stands as the savior of humanity. Yet, just as the celebratory crowds gather, the sky darkens, the ground turns black, and all eyes upon him turn red. In a world without compassion, can this former hero's strength still save him, or is he doomed to wander this hellscape forever? With each harrowing escape from harm, Vic loses more and more of his weaponry and armor, until eventually, he is forced to give up that which runs deeper. Its graphic content caused its reproduction to be banned in several zones. ▪
44 episodes
above: N-O-E
above: N-O-E
above: White Series: Slaughterhouse
above: Highway Nedabarons
above: Spring of Bugs!
While on a routine class scouting assignment, seven teenaged students at the prestigious Harugant Academy are killed in a sudden and calamitous natural disaster, only to be reborn with the power to transform into mighty mythical beasts. Using their newfound abilities, they wage war against the servants of the dark god SAMU, while keeping their own existence a secret from the rest of the world. Known for its existential and psycho-sexual themes, non-linear narrative, and abstract sound design, N-O-E utilizes its multi-layered story and masterful use of color to create a strong emotional impression upon its viewers. ▪
58 episodes
All Tomorrow's Parties
In the year 3066, an astronaut builds a time machine in the hopes of repairing the mistakes of the past. In the year 1966, one of the last courtesans seeks shelter in a machine-worshipping cult, desperate to acquire the life-saving technology locked within the compound's depth. As their lives mirror one another's, their journeys lead them in opposite directions. Themes of fate, justification, and causality are raised in this understated narrative. ▪
18 episodes
Highway Nedabarons
Tsuchinoko NTK
The heartless mobster known only as Genuine Rose enacts her twisted version of justice upon all who threaten the peace (and her authority) in the dilapidated town of Highway 9, just south of New Charge City. But when a newcomer who calls himself "Illzone's Falsest" refuses to back down, Genuine Rose must assemble a team of hoodlums, assassins, and refugees to restore harmony to the district. Both racing and fighting sequences abound in this gory, over-the-top action series. ▪
24 episodes
Earth Defense Frontier
Lost Image
The final remaining Earth Defense satellite of MIRA-8 crash lands onto the planet's surface, leaving its octet of Guardian-Beasts to inherit only a scorched world. Though the guardians see no purpose in shielding the planet from a constant assault of inter-dimensional entities (the same enemy force responsible for the planet's destruction), their programming does not allow them to back down. This action-adventure eschews genre norms in favor of a passively hopeless view of a post-cataclysmic universe. Notable for its detailed, if oft-reused, transformation segments. ▪
71 episodes
Sugar Symphony
Samara Tsue, a high school senior, spends her days helping out her family at their coffee shop, inventing new recipes of her own, and daydreaming of a future with her crush, the swim team captain (and Samara's next-door neighbor) Tammie Feng. A bookstore can be a thaumaturgic hideaway, a stray cat can be a displaced lion, and the clouds can rain sugar in this romantic slice-of-life story in which nothing is quite as it seems. Apparently incomplete, with the story ending on an abrupt cliffhanger. ▪
30? episodes
Welcome to the Labyrinth
A relentlessly-bullied schoolchild, Zeuz, uses a wooden key given to him by his mother to enter the Labyrinth, an endless and ever-changing maze filled with both wonder and danger. Everything changes after one of Zeuz' bullies is killed by a culprit known only as "The Minotaur", and all suspicions fall upon Zeuz himself. ▪
23 episodes
Wolf and Bone
Studio Beware
Upon receiving a mysterious black membership card in the mail, college senior, Rento Wachowz, is granted access to a secret club known only as the "Wolf and Bone". Though granting him exceptional privileges, this cryptic society begins to demand higher and higher payment in return for their gifts. In search of a cancellation form, Rento's path seems to lead to a long-forgotten radio tower in this series renowned for its seamless fusion of music and imagery. ▪
20 episodes
Spring of Bugs!
Studio Zocron
Spring of Bugs! tells the story of Ranalyn Velaskes, a high school junior (and aspiring amateur entomolygist) whose last summer vacation is turned head-over-heels by an onslought of interdimensional insects. ▪
26 episodes
White Series: Green Abyss
Kowloon Animations
The fifteen scientists within the tranquil "Green Abyss" research base all agree on one thing – the world outside the station's locked doors has been beset by disaster. The nature of this threat, however, remains unclear. Tensions mount quickly in this claustrophobic thriller. ▪
13 episodes
White Series: Slaughterhouse
Kowloon Animations
The socially anxious Sireo's only companion comes in the form of a holographic, fifteen-foot tall copy of the pop star Lori Lumik, who tends to berate and tease, rather than encourage him. Seeking salvation from this unwanted imaginary friend, Sireo engages in a variety of increasingly dangerous escapades, none of which seem to provide any respite. With each performance of Lori Lumik's hit song "You're Not There", Sireo is pushed closer to the edge of insanity. ▪
13 episodes
White Series: Umbertown
Kowloon Animations
In this addition to the White Series universe, a synthetic drug causes contagious fever in its users. Meanwhile, seven assassins named after gemstones move through a tenement neighborhood, systematically killing all that they encounter. Across town, a timid, bespectacled bookshop owner seems to transform into a murderous killer by night. With each new twist, these initially disconnected stories become more and more intertwined, leading up to a truly shocking finale. ▪
13 episodes
to be continued...
Felix Kramer
writing, layout